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latina/learning and unlearning/growing/immune deficient*/rich in experience/making peace with what i can/growing flowers in my heart/buscando pasiĆ³n/reaching out from my concentric circles/hoping to see more more more/hoping to touch the hands and the faces and the feet and the souls of all of us stuck inside our cycles/hoping to hope/hoping to breathe deeply/hoping to listen and to hear/speaking out loud as i find my voice


i am learning what it means to be a human being. it seems quite apparent that this is the case for most of us; calling out, raising our hands up to the stars.

i know that i am an artist, but am in the process of figuring out exactly what that looks like for my day to day life. you will find various forms of artistic expression on this site. the internet is a weird place, but here i hope that i can present some honest and real content

*i have alopecia. alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that results in hair loss. in my case, almost complete hair loss (shoutout to my eyelashes !!!!). i write about my experience sometimes, as it has widely shaped my life. i am grateful to live as a bald woman.

find mobile photography b-sides/ongoing iphone photo journal here: http://vsco.co/lennoxbishop/