september/october/november (via my iPhone)


here it is, a bit of my life the last few months. i am learning not to be afraid of it, with all of it's inherent valleys and mountaintops. gritty and broken and difficult and beautiful. i don't try to separate the adjectives anymore; i allow them to join and make a meaningful sentence together. i suppose they were never really making singular and partial meanings within themselves, the adjectives; but rather, a large and vast sea of deep experience. it just takes time to understand. the faces you see in the above photos are some that have taken a space within my heart. i am learning what it means to nourish, to be nourished. to set out into freedom; which may be a road, maybe a bramble-filled path, possibly a route upon the ocean journeyed by boat. art is in these moments, which happened to be captured by a tiny device who's residence is in my pocket or my purse. my photographic eye and understanding changes and grows by the influence and composition of the people and spaces pictured above. it's no coincidence, either.


(selfie in bad lighting as my sign off, oh yaaaa)